Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A new year begins

It's the end of 2013 and hobby wise not much has happened in the last month. I'm still waiting on my main hobby Christmas present to arrive but that won't be for a couple months yet. I am however posting this from next years Christmas present, a swanky new iPad mini. It's kinda hobby related as I plan on using it to post updates during the America trip. Anyway, on to plans for 2014. The only hobby resolution I'll be making is to do something hobby related each day I'm off work and unless it's a tournament just playing a game doesn't count. So starting tomorrow the pile of untouched lead and plastic starts to get smaller. I've a couple Warmachine games planed in the next month or so but no dates set yet so more information probably once they are played. Smogcon is fast approaching so there's more painting to be done for that and practice games to be played. Add in starting Wild West Exodus, Bolt Action and Firestorm Armada should see me busy for a little while. Next post as previously promised pictures of my painting from the recent journeyman league.

Happy New Year everyone.

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